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At Food Intolerance NI, our philosophy is to encourage people to take responsibility for their health through dietary means and education. One of the ways we achieve this is by providing a food intolerance and sensitivity testing service using the very latest technology to pinpoint foods that may be causing you problems.

Gillian McFarland (the analyst who will perform your test) is a qualified food intolerance therapist and is well placed to advise you about the results of your test and how best to deal with any implications or problems that may arise.

Gillian initially graduated as a Cardiac Physiologist in 2003 and commenced work in the NHS sector working with inpatients, outpatients and private patients. She then decided to widen her knowledge and embark on training within the field of allergy and nutrition.


What is food intolerance?

It is important to remember that food intolerance is not the same as food allergy.

A food allergy refers to the allergic reaction caused when a protein in the problem food acts as an allergen that stimulates the production of antibodies which in turn trigger an abnormal response of the immune system eg. anaphylaxis is a potentially deadly allergic reaction most often triggered by foods, medications & insect stings.

Food intolerance basically describes the body?s adverse reaction to certain foods or ingredients.  The reaction occurs on every occasion when the problem food is eaten and tends to be prevalent in people with weak digestive systems.

Food intolerance may not be an immediate reaction after ingestion and the amount of food required to cause a reaction varies. Food intolerances are not life threatening, although over time they can make you feel generally ill and affect your health.

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